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Moms, "say yes to beautiful." Las Vegas hotel campaign takes the cake. The New York Liberty turns 10. Let's launch!

CBS launched three 30-second TV spots this week to create buzz and add more viewers to three of its popular series: "CSI: Miami," "Ghost Whisperer" and "Criminal Minds." The show "Criminal Minds" revolves around detectives solving crimes by trying to understand a criminal's psyche. "Bank" begins with a hostile man robbing a bank; then he goes soft and starts telling the hostages why he's robbing the bank. He never had nice things. He was picked on because he's skinny. "Interrogation" promotes "CSI: Miami" and shows a bikini-clad woman sitting in an interrogation room wondering why she's still being detained. The answer lies in the two-way mirror, where a gaggle of men have been watching her readjust herself. "Window" is disturbing. It shows a guy watching "Ghost Whisperer" and describing to his roommate the show's premise: that Jennifer Love Hewitt hangs out with dead people. The roommate then jumps out the window, lands on a van, and his leg twitches one last time. I would jump out the window to get away from her, not to get closer. Cliff Freeman and Partners created the campaign and Initiative handled the media buying. Click here to watch “Bank.”Click here to watch “Window.”Watch “Interrogation” here.



Caesars Palace and Paris Las Vegas, two Las Vegas hotels owned by Harrah's, have launched print branding campaigns. The ads for Caesars Palace target men with snippy lines such as "Bluff your way to a higher tax bracket" and "Walk in a man. Walk out the man." There's also an ad featuring Jerry Seinfeld promoting the new poker room; it doesn't hurt that Seinfeld is an occasional headliner at the hotel, competing with the likes of Celine Dion and Elton John. The Paris campaign uses the tagline, "Everything's Sexier in Paris" and combines romance with sex appeal. These print ads are great. One ad shows two playing cards, a jack and a queen. The jack has jumped ship and is now resting nicely with the queen, caressing her face and giving her a flower. "Cake" is my favorite ad. It shows a bride and groom wedding cake topper. But it's not your traditional wedding topper. This one shows the bride in the arms of the groom, sharing a passionate kiss. It came thisclose to being rejected by People. Consumers like the ad so much that the hotel is making replicas to sell. R&R Partners handled all aspects of the campaign.

Liberty Mutual launched a $38 million national ad campaign complete with a new tagline, "Responsibility. What's Your Policy?" on Tuesday with a 60-second spot during the season finale of NBC's "Deal or No Deal." "What Goes Around" is airing on cable and all major networks. The spot shows how something as simple as witnessing a good deed can affect other people. For instance, a woman moves a man's coffee cup away from the edge of a restaurant table; seeing this gesture, another man in turn helps someone who has fallen in the rain. Four 30-second spots highlighting home and automobile insurance launch later in the month. In addition, four print ads will run in national publications such as the New York Times, USATODAY, Time, Money, U.S.News & World Report, Sports Illustrated, TheWall Street Journal, Forbes, Fortune, The Economist, Business Insurance and CFO. Online ads are running on,,,, and Hill, Holliday handled all aspects of the campaign. Click here to watch the ad.

Suave launched a "beautiful" campaign, its first rebranding effort in 70 years, telling moms that they can still be beautiful and take care of the family. "Boxing" shows a beautiful, made-up mom fighting her alter ego: frumpy, "I put everyone's needs ahead of mine" mom. The plain-Jane mom takes a look at her gussied-up self and is surprised with how great she can look. "Invisible" features a mom performing various tasks over the course of a day that often render her invisible: making dinner, feeding the dog, grocery shopping, changing a diaper. "Say yes to beautiful without paying the price," concludes both ads. The ads launched at the end of May during network prime time. A coinciding print campaign features pictures of real mothers having good hair days coupled with cutesy copy such as "Sometimes mommy needs to play princess too," and "Wouldn't it be nice if those gorgeous new highlights lasted longer than your toddler's attention span?" Ads are running in People, Family Fun, Glamour, O, The Oprah Magazine, Redbook, Working Mother and Child. Ogilvy & Mather, Chicago created the campaign and MindShare handled the media buying.

WNBA team The New York Liberty is turning ten and celebrating with an outdoor campaign targeting commuters in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Long Island and New Jersey. Billboards urge parents to "Teach your daughters to defend for their Liberty," while bus signs celebrate the Liberty's 10-year anniversary and champion the team's longevity using scoreboards that say "Liberty 10. Those who thought we wouldn't last - 0." Train station posters feature tongue-in-cheek letters from the Liberty that speak directly to their audiences. One lengthy poster reads: "Dear Riders: Yes, it is real basketball. No, just ten bucks a ticket. Yes, we do play great defense. And thank you. No, this is actually our tenth anniversary season. Yes, kids do have a blast. No, adults love it too. Yes, we do play at the Garden. No, we don't know why our mascot is a dog. Yes, it is an unusually large breed..." thewatsons created the campaign and mms handled the media planning and buying.

Ads featuring talking body parts seem to be sprouting up in abundance lately; this spot for St Joseph's aspirin reminds people that taking medicine for one problem can cause other problems. "Friends" shows a heart and a stomach on stage. The heart is healthy because its owner takes aspirin, but the stomach suffers because the dosage is too high. Luckily a walk-on appearance by St. Joesph's low-dosage aspirin solves this problem. The spot is running until the end of June. Deutsch created the campaign and Universal McCann handled the media buying.

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