Easy Readers

If you make a mental list of every literary classic you’ve wanted to read (or reread), chances are, like most time-deprived individuals, you’re not even halfway through your exhaustive wish list.

Enter ArcaMax Publishing’s Book Club — a free online service that provides subscribers with their favorite classical texts in the form of daily e-mails. Major advertisers, including Reader’s Digest, Publisher’s Clearing House, and Xerox, gain access to readers through banner ads on both the book segments themselves, as well as on the site’s Web pages and weekly e-mails. Members receive one chapter per e-mail but can choose to read ahead or reset their place using the site’s customized bookmark feature.

Whether your reading list includes works by Jack London, Emily Dickinson, Jules Verne, or all three, ArcaMax’s nearly 700 available texts will likely satisfy your cravings. With approximately 5,000 new subscriptions every month, the Book Club also provides advertisers with a unique opportunity to reach all of us modern-day bookworms.

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