Wii Draws Most Online Chatter From Game Enthuasiasts

Online gaming enthusiasts are talking about Nintendo's Wii more than any other gaming console, according to BrandIntel, which tracked 6,169 mentions between Nov. 17 and Dec. 21.

Wii was discussed by at least a margin of 10% more than the Microsoft Xbox360 and Sony PlayStation 3, BrandIntel reported, with more positive than negative comments.

"Consumer perceptions of the Wii in its post-launch period have met pre-launch perceptions, and five weeks since its release, those perceptions have not changed. That's phenomenal for Nintendo," said Gerrard Suyao, an analyst for BrandIntel.

Nintendo's built-in fan base for "The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess," which BrandIntel ranks as the No. 2 game title in terms of consumer-published content, has helped bolster the Wii. "Zelda always had a hard-core fan base that was going to buy the console for that itself," Suyao said.

Meanwhile, the strength and breadth of its game library are what keep fans loyal to the Xbox, especially its "Gears of War" title, which ranks first on BrandIntel's list of most-discussed games. It sold 1 million copies in the first two weeks of its release. Consumers are also talking about the fact that the Xbox is consistently available while the Wii and PS3 have had availability issues.



The PS3 has drawn the most negative online comments over the five-week period. People thought it was too expensive, Suyao said, and that sentiment carried over when comparing its other attributes to the competition.

"Hardcore gamers were especially disappointed in PS3 and after buying it had trouble seeing the difference between the graphics on the PS3 and the Xbox," Suyao said, adding that PS3's limited game library was another perceived drawback, and "its launch titles were kind of weak."

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