Breakfast Dollar Menu: Burger King Beats McDonald's

  • January 23, 2007
It looks like early-bird Burger King has gotten the worm. It has beaten McDonald's out the door with a planned Feb. 19 national launch of its value breakfast meals. Ten items will be priced at $1 each, one of the fast-food sector's most effective traffic builders at lunch and dinner. The category is worth more than $30 billion in annual sales.

A McDonald's spokesperson said the company is continuing to test its Breakfast Dollar Menu in more than 20 markets nationwide and has received positive feedback, but that it is too early to say when McD's might follow suit.

Burger King's menu items will include a new ham, egg and cheese sandwich dressed with honey butter and served on a sesame-seed bun dubbed the Hamlette--the "star" of the 11,100-unit chain's breakfast menu.

Research firm Mintel has reported an increase in the number of people eating breakfast outside the home as adults consolidate commuting time with mealtime. Half the surveyed consumers between the ages of 18 and 24 reported that they are eating on the go more frequently than they were two years ago.



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