5 Questions For: Jason Glickman

  • by January 29, 2007

CEO, Tremor Media

Jason Glickman co-founded Tremor Media, a provider of online advertising products and services specializing in in-banner and in-stream video and emerging interactive technologies. Glickman was also the co-founder of ContextualNet, Inc., a contextual and behavioral ad representation company, where he built strategic partnerships and managed the national sales team. The company was sold to in December 2004. Before that, he was the vice president of business development for Net-mercial, which is a rich media advertising technology company.

What is Tremor Media and what is its mission?

>Tremor Media provides advertisers with in-banner and in-stream video advertising opportunities on top-tier sites with a combined 70 million unique monthly visitors. We provide publishers with a full suite of products and services to monetize streaming video and maximize ROI. There are other companies like Brightcove and that offer similar services, but we're different in key areas. Our patent-pending ad-insertion technology lets publishers dynamically serve in-stream ads into video content in pre-roll, mid-roll, or post-roll formats. Our technology is Ad Server- and CDN-agnostic so publishers can continue to work with their existing partners without any additional implementation. We provide a full video solution and will create customized campaigns based on advertisers' specific needs.

Specifically, how can marketers tap into the opportunities presented by in-stream video advertising?

>We're just at the beginning of what's coming for in-stream video advertising. However, there are tremendous opportunities now that marketers should definitely take advantage of. We're often asked to help provide a rationale for transitioning TV budgets to online in-stream campaigns. For example, some key areas to focus on are creative, reach, targeting, and reporting.

Creative: Because much of the current video content online is still short-form (two minutes or less), the standard 30-second spot isn't a great experience. Video ads 15 seconds or shorter work best in this format. In-stream ads will also typically be accompanied by a graphical companion unit that enables consumer interaction. This is an opportunity for advertisers to focus on a specific promotion, or include HTML fields to capture data.

Reach: According to eMarketer, there will be 123 million U.S. Internet video users this year.

Targeting: The ability to accurately target in-stream campaigns clearly exceeds anything that can currently be done on TV. For example, advertisers can choose to implement channel/demographic targeting, behavioral targeting, day-parting, and, of course, frequency-capping to ensure that users aren't bombarded with the same ad over and over.

Reporting: The ability to measure the delivery and performance of video campaigns in real time and then optimize accordingly is critical. In addition to standard impression and interaction reports, tracking completion rates for video ads is also important.

What are your company's goals for 2007?

>Tremor's goal for 2007 is to continue building our advertiser product offerings and enhance our publisher tools to help facilitate more effective campaigns. We're also planning on conducting research studies, in conjunction with key partners, which will help to better educate marketers on the effectiveness and scale of the online video format.

What are the most vexing issues facing your business right now?

>The issues we currently deal with usually involveconfusion in the marketplace due to the lack of standards among publishers. While we standardize buys across our network and integrate advertisers' third-party ad servers, there are many publishers and networks that don't, and this has caused some advertisers to hold back budgets for logistical reasons alone.

If you were not in your present position, what would you most like to do?

>I'd love to eventually teach. I think that would be very rewarding. For now though, there is no place I'd rather be and there is still so much to be done.

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