Out to Launch

Milk, milk and more milk. Lactose-intolerant readers, continue on with caution. Let's launch!

"See the World" says an ad for Thule, a manufacturer of car rack systems. How can one see the world via road trip? Thule gives readers that answer in the thirtieth anniversary, March issue of Outside magazine titled "30 Greatest Trips Ever." The one-time-only ad shows a map of the 48 continental Unites States and 32 cities with international names, from Stockholm, Maine and Venice, California to Moscow, Idaho and Oslo, Minnesota. See the ad here. My home state of Connecticut was left empty, but here's three cities in the Nutmeg state that fit the campaign: Bethlehem, Berlin and Lisbon. TDA Advertising & Design handled all aspects of the campaign.

EP Henry, a manufacturer of the stone-like Hardscaping materials for outdoor living spaces, driveways and kitchens, launched a TV campaign that pitches its products not to the man of the house but the woman, specifically those 30 and over with kids. The ad scarcely shows any product and features a couple about to leave for date night. The kids are left in the hands of a punk and pierced babysitter; as the mom leaves, she says, "any problems... just give us a shout." How true. Turns out, the couple's date night is taking place outside in their backyard living room. Watch the ad here. The campaign launched this month on home-related network and cable programming from Maine to Maryland, along with select Southern DMAs. Bubble created the campaign and the media buy was handled in-house.



Crying over spilt milk takes on a literal meaning in an ad for Hood's Simply Smart products. A young boy spills his glass of milk and his mother sobs when she sees what's happened. His older sister and father soon join in mourning the loss. The spot humorously ends with the father sobbing, "Be strong!" Watch the ad here. The ad is running throughout New England, and outdoor ads will run in major New England markets. The company also launched two spots late last year that were heavier on the technobabble and less on the funny. How can one be funny when promoting milk that's free from artificial growth hormones? The first 15-second ad features kids spacing out on a school bus when those very words -- "artificial growth hormones" -- are used. The second ad shows children on a tire swing caring little about milk and hormones. Click here to watch the ads. The Via Group created the ads and handled the media plan and Active Media handled the buy.

The California Milk Processor Board launched two "Got Milk" ads in Spanish on January 29, with plans for a third ad, "Law of Gravity" to bow in May. "Laughs" takes place on an island where residents take the saying, "laughter is the best medicine," seriously. At a wedding, funeral, boxing match, everyone's laughing -- even a woman about to give birth. The secret to showing off their strong teeth is milk. Watch the ad here. "Dreams" describes drinking milk as a motivator for making all your dreams come true. Ever wanted the ability to fly, or have a gaggle of "Baywatch" beauties sing you a lullaby? It can happen. Click here to watch the ad. "Law of Gravity" shows a world of weightlessness where accidents happen all too often. The three spots conclude with the tagline "Toma Leche" (Drink Milk), which debuted last year. Grupo Gallegos created the ads and PHD handled the media buy.

NBA star Vince Carter is the latest celeb to don a milk moustache in the Body By Milk campaign that encourages teens to drink milk to help maintain a strong, healthy body. "Vinsanity by Carter. Body by milk. Slam it," begins the ad. "The protein in milk helps build muscle and drinking it regularly along with exercise will help keep your body toned... So grab a glass and go crazy." The ad launched in January's issue of Sports Illustrated. Teens can watch behind-the-scenes footage from Carter's ad shoot at and enter the "Think About Your Drink" photo contest for a chance to win a role in an upcoming Body by Milk campaign. See the ad here.Lowe Worldwide handled all aspects of the campaign.

The Food Network launched an online campaign promoting the second season of "Ace of Cakes," a series starring pastry chef Duff and his talented crew of artists who create unusual cakes. I recently saw an episode where Duff's team made a rat-shaped cake that sat atop an edible manhole cover. Now that's out-of-the-box thinking. Online banners feature Duff and a German Shepherd-shaped cake. Roll over the cake and you'll find the actual ingredients used. In addition, hotspots are embedded in the ad that play video clips showing how parts of the cake were made. Ads are running on Ask Men,, VH1, and Gawker. created the campaign and MediaStorm handled the media buy.

Virgin Mobile unveiled a print campaign today in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia and Denver, among other markets, highlighting the benefits of living commitment-free on Valentine's Day. The ad features a responsibility breakdown of the benefits of traditional vs. friends-with-benefits relationships. The campaign highlights that it's possible to avoid long-term commitments while still getting great benefits. Get your mind out of the gutter, I'm talking about cell phone plans. Virgin conducted quite the interesting survey and found that 34% of people polled believe the best thing about being uncommitted in general is having no one nagging you, and the best thing about being uncommitted on Valentine's Day is that you don't have to buy stuff you don't want, like flowers, cards or chocolates. The biggest benefit about being single on Valentine's Day? Twenty percent answered that they can stay home and watch "Lost." See the ad here.Mother New York created the ad and Starlink handled the media buy.

Dairy Queen got in the Valentine's Day mood with the launch of The site allows users to create a cheesy customized serenade for their significant others, one that's sung to their loved ones by a large set of lips. Choose a voice (Luther Lake, Sharona), favorite DQ cake, type of music (sax appeal, smoove groove) and the mood (nights in white satin, natch). Each combination comes with its own set of wacky lyrics. And if you're craving some ice cream, there's a store locator link on the site. Space 150 created the site.

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