DIY Advertising for the Little Guy

Now small businesses that want to try online video advertising can do so with FourSpots. This Atlanta-based startup describes itself as an online video ad exchange. A local pizza shop, for example, can buy an ad template from FourSpots' online Ad Store, customize it with its own logo, text, and perhaps a coupon, and target local customers at lunchtime.

Clients can use FourSpots-named for the four screens of TV, mobile phone, PC, and digital display-to match a message to their content. FourSpots can also track plays and report metrics.

FourSpots CEO Ken Lipscomb, also the founder of video social-networking site, says his business targets the long tail. "To the extent a company can make it relevant to content and timely for the viewer, this is a tremendous way to tailor ad content to viewers," he adds.

Templates come from a variety of sources. The creators earn revenue when a template is purchased and each time it airs. Alternatively, thrifty business owners handy with a camera can upload their own ads.

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