Marketing Monopoly

Board games are back, with new features for old favorites: branded tie-ins.

This past holiday season, Hasbro Properties teamed with two other well-known companies: beauty retailer Sephora, for a glam version of Monopoly, and Kellogg's. The latter's Strawberry Pop-Tarts have questions taken from Hasbro's Trivial Pursuit for Kids printed on the tarts, using a special ink-jet technology.

"We felt ... Trivial Pursuit for Kids was a perfect match for Pop-Tarts," says Carolina Polo, senior brand manager. "Combining these two terrific products helps generate excitement and [allows us] to build buzz for iconic brands."

To win at Sephora's limited edition Monopoly game, players must bankrupt opponents so that just one store remains. Street names connect to inventory.

Video games are also marketing tools. Burger King recently produced an Xbox game with its mascot. It's a place to catch consumer interest, says Martha Tomas Flynn, senior director of national promotions and sponsorships. Burger King sold over 3.5 million
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