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Dear Email Diva,

I am a designer, marketer and reseller of emarketing services. I have compiled great lists and love the user-friendly aspects of my Email Service Provider (ESP), but feel using their servers "cheapens" me to my clients. Is there a way or software that provides templates and dashboard reports and lets me send email out myself?

Jon in Massachusetts

Dear Jon,

While the Email Diva will answer the question, I challenge your assumption that using an ESP "cheapens" your efforts. If your email content is of value to your customers, I doubt whether they are concerned about your technical infrastructure. Using an ESP puts you in good company with world-class brands and top interactive agencies, all of whom use its services.

But back to your question.

Polite Mail allows you to send from your Outlook account and has the option to remove its logo from your messages. It provides templates and reporting as well.



If you are concerned about having the ESP's logo on your emails, there are many that do not require this inclusion.Make this your No. 1 question when interviewing potential providers.

If you are concerned about the server name on your return address, there are also ESPs that will allow your server name to appear through some technical sleight of hand, but I question whether this is worth the expense. Your company name appears in the inbox "from" field. Once users have noted who is sending the email, are they looking at the opened message to find server information? In direct mail, we typically found little difference between pre-sorted first- or standard-class stamps or metered postage, presumably because people don't scrutinize the fine print. I believe the server information is fine print to your customers.

Whether or not you use an ESP, your reference to "compiled lists" raises a red flag. As a reseller of emarketing services, surely you have permission from these recipients to send promotional email, yes? The Email Diva would hate to see your servers, or your ESPs, blacklisted due to unscrupulous list-building practices.

Good Luck!

The Email Diva

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