Meet the Adachis, Adventurous Spokesfamily For Milk

The California Milk Processor Board is breathing new life into its iconic "Got Milk?" campaign, introducing viewers to a family of four on a mission to get the last existing glass of milk.

As you may recall, aliens worshipping cows were the previous "spokesbeings" used. I laughed once when an alien pronounced dairy as Da-Iry. Then I was over the aliens.

Not since the company's "Aaron Burr" spot have I thoroughly enjoyed "Got Milk?" ads. Watch "Aaron Burr" here.

The Adachis will appear in seven ads consisting of both 30- and 60-second formats. There are talks that the family may be used as a more permanent spokefamily, although nothing has been finalized. What is definitive is the aliens are out and "Got Milk?" ads are remaining on Earth.

Viewers meet the Adachis outside a maximum security building, looking for ways to sneak in and steal the glass of milk that's being held captive in an impenetrable glass case. Security cameras and robots guard the milk from all angles and prove to be a challenge for the not-so-subtle Adachis.

For instance, their getaway vehicle is a van bearing the logo "Adachi Plumbing Service." All the letters in the cloth Adachi tarp double as windows to gauge security levels without drawing attention.

The first 60-second ad shows young son Tad leaving the "safety" of the Adachi van and heading to the gated building. Watch the ad here.

The first 30-second spot is a compilation reel of what's to come from the milk-deprived Adachis in the seven ads airing throughout the year. Watch it here.

Ads also refer eyeballs to where viewers can play a Flash board game featuring an animated Adachi family making their way to Fort Fridge to get the glass. If you aren't quick enough, you can end up on Milkatraz.

Speaking of quick, by the time the site loads and preloads instructions, your kids will be going to prom. It's nightmarishly slow. I was stuck on Milkatraz before I knew it even existed. It counts from 89 down to zero. And that's just the first load. If you have the patience to load the game, however, it's really enjoyable. Players roll dice to make their way up the road. Once the police spot you, various tasks must be completed within 30 seconds or you're shipped to Milkatraz.

Goodby, Silverstein & Partners created the campaign and PHD handled the media buy.

"We wanted milk to feel valuable again," said Feh Tarty & Pat McKay, creative directors at Goodby, Silverstein & Partners "And one of the thoughts we had was to take milk from people and lock it up. In a glass case. And guard it. Like a crown jewel. Then tease people with it. Specifically people who suffer from ailments related to their lack of milk. Maybe even turn these people into desperate thieves. A family of thieves. And the ideas just kept getting more and more ridiculous. We wanted viewers to really feel The Adachis' desperation for milk," they said.

Look out for wildpostings in May/June and print campaign in California this summer.

Let's drink to seeing more of the Adachi family antics.

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