Out to Launch

CourtTV's new show is a killer. MasterCard speaks to golfers. Say hello to Iron Diamond, ESPN's fantasy baseball band. Let's launch!

CourtTV launched a set of print, outdoor and TV ads for its new series, "'Til Death Do Us Part," hosted by John Waters. The first ad goes through the various stages of a relationship using the shadows of a man and woman: attraction, flirtation, infatuation... and strangulation. "Marriage is forever. Murder is eternal," concludes the ad. Watch it here. Another ad shows the stages of one marriage, how the children grew bigger, along with one spouse's hatred for the other. Click here to watch it. TV spots are running nationally on network cable; print ads are running in Entertainment Weekly, People, TimeOut New York, New York Magazine, Out and Modern Bride; wild postings and phone kiosk ads can be found in New York, along with two billboards, one on the W in Times Square, the other on 39th and 3rd. Click here, here and here to view outdoor and print components. Amalgamated created the campaign and MediaStorm handled the media buy.



Don't expect to see pictures of Heritage Hotels & Resorts in its print and online campaign. The campaign suggests that visitors to the hotels can experience local culture without stepping foot off hotel grounds. Heritage is the anti-chain. The campaign targets travelers that have previously visited New Mexico and Arizona, where the six hotels are located. One ad pictures a candelabra, the other a rug. Half of each picture is black and white and the other half is in color. Ad copy is written from the perspective of the object; "I am the light of 700 years. I am not fed by electricity. I am fed by the energy of those who danced in my light. Who dined in my warm glimmer..." says the candelabra. Click here and here to see creative. Ads are running in New Mexico Magazine, The Wedding Guide, Premier Bride, Perfect Wedding Guide, New Mexico Vacation Guide and Tucson Golf Guide, among others. McKee Wallwork Cleveland handled all aspects of the campaign.

MasterCard launched an interactive golf game targeting the "golf obsessed." Something, I am not, according to my score and Ben Crenshaw. The site resembles a telethon, complete with a scrolling phone number (1-888-ONE IRON) that, when dialed, connects callers to either Arnold Palmer, Ben Crenshaw, Laura Diaz or John Barmon, Jr., better known as Spaulding Smails from the movie "Caddyshack." Supporting the site are two TV ads, each concluding with the URL. "Hit the Cart" is up my alley. At a driving range, a woman practices her swing and her knack for hitting the cart guy, whether he's working or not. Watch the ad here. "On the Job" features Ben Crenshaw and the search for his missing putter. Click here to watch the ad.McCann Erickson created the TV spots, MRM Worldwide created the Web site and GSD&M handled the media buy.

The Partnership for a Drug-Free America and the Alliance for Consumer Education launched a PSA this week that coincides with National Inhalants & Poisons Awareness Week. The ad will launch nationwide next week. Resembling a home movie you'd find on the likes of YouTube, "Mike" features a group of teens in a park looking as if they've been sniffing something. The teens are seen joking around until one boy collapses and remains unresponsive. Watch the ad here. The ad encourages parents to talk to their teens about huffing, the intentional inhalation of household products to get high. WONGDOODY created the ad.

Topps Confections launched three 15-second ads this week promoting Vertigo, a combination of milk chocolate and hard candy on a stick. "Half Chocolately, Half Candy, Half Crazy," is the tagline for the ads, running through April 2, taking a week off, then resuming play every other week until May 28. Spots target tweens during "Full House," "SpongeBob SquarePants," "All Grown Up," "Ben 10," "Amanda" and "Zoey 101." "Sandy & Jessica" stars two ditzy girls with voices that sound like men's, claiming Vertigo gave them temporary smarts. "Astronaut" shows a man in space unable to reach his Vertigo. We see how much we've evolved as a species after watching "Cavemen." All the ads can be found on the Vertigo candy Web site filed under TV network channels such as "Airhead Channel," "Cosmos Channel" and "Pre-history Channel." Duval Guillaume New York created the ads and the site and Beacon Media handled the media buy.

ESPN launched "Fantasy Baseball is Free," a 30-second spot starring Iron Diamond, ESPN's Fantasy Baseball rock band. The ad is running on all ESPN networks and promotes the network's revamped and free fantasy baseball offering. "Baseball Tonight" co-host John Kruk stars as a man seeking free Fantasy Baseball knowledge from "The Master," Peter Gammons. Lots of cameos in the ad, so look out for Bronson Arroyo, Carlos Lee, Gary Sheffield, Joe Borowski and Rush bassist Geddy Lee, to name a few. Don't forget to find the bass guitar in the shape of a base. Watch the ad here and the making of the ad here.The spot ends with Kruk signing up for free fantasy baseball. Arnold created the ad.

Acura is dipping its toes in the competitive sailing waters, having sponsored a set of races recently in Florida. In an effort to further promote this partnership, Acura packaged footage from the two races into a direct mail piece and created a DVD that will be inserted in the May America's Cup issue of Sailing World, reaching the pub's 60,000 subscribers. This marks the first time that Sailing World has run a DVD insert. See the ad here. The hour-long DVD contains race footage and interviews with defending America's Cup winner Ernesto Bertarelli and other racers. RPA handled all aspects of the campaign.

Mindflood is trying to seduce you with its redesigned Web site. Marvin Gaye's "Let's Get It On" serenades visitors as they decide which category to choose: eye contact (speaking to a Mindflood rep), opening lines (the agency's portfolio and client list), back to our place (client testimonials) and climax (contact info). This may be the longest I've ever spent on an agency Web site. The seduction was a success! Now if I could only get Marvin Gaye out of my head...

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