Doh! Looks Like 7-Eleven Stores May Get Homered

7-Eleven, the world's largest convenience store, is in talks with Fox Home Entertainment about a deal that would turn nearly a dozen 7-Elevens into Kwik-E-Marts, the convenience store patronized by Homer Simpson and others in the classic cartoon series.

Customers also would be able to buy KrustyO's cereal, Buzz Cola and ice Squishees, products from the show. 7-Eleven would be able to use Simpson characters to promote its line of fresh foods, such as Homer's face and "Mmmm ... sandwich" line on sandwich wrappers.

7-Eleven would neither confirm nor deny the reports, but such details were published last week in the Richmond (Va.) Times-Dispatch. The paper said 7-Eleven officials showed off the planned promo and others for major upcoming films, including "The Simpsons Movie," at a company event.

"Our core customers are men 18 to 44 who resoundingly love movies and sports," says spokesperson Margaret Chabris.

Earlier this year, the retailer took part in a "sports sponsorship program," she says, with major-league teams in the National Football League, National Basketball Association and Major League Football in markets where 7-Eleven has a concentration of stores.



Chabris says she has seen the Times-Dispatch story and cannot confirm or deny anything in the article. "Nothing's in cement," she says.

It was unclear which of the 11 stores in the chain's 4,700-plus nationwide would be refitted or sell inventory of the Simpsons-inspired products, the paper said. The movie hits theaters July 27.

7-Eleven is based in Dallas and operates, franchises or licenses 31,600 stores worldwide, generating total sales of more than $44 billion.

Other pending deals:

* A "Spider-Man" franchise promotion featuring Black Cherry Lemonade Slurpees and collectible Slurpee cups in advance of the third installment in May.

* Promotion of the Slurpee energy drink, Full Throttle, which it launched last year, via the June sequel to "Fantastic Four."

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