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When I started writing this column in 2003 (hard to believe), I was one of only a few people writing about email. Today it seems there more people writing about email than are on a Russian spammers's mailing list. And it is about to get even worse -- or better, depending on your point of view.

Besides the 4-times-a-week Email Insider columns, along with columns in ClickZ, Marketing Sherpa, and Direct Magazine's iconoclastic Magilla Marketing, there is now the EEC reports and white papers.

Other bloggers have joined the fray as well. Recently Matt Blumberg, CEO of Return Path, organized the various blogs written by members of the private inside baseball list for email marketers, The Inbox Insiders, into a subscribable feed appropriately called The Inbox Insiders. You can subscribe to this feed at



Mediapost will also be creating a blog as part of its Email Insider Summit coming up in a few weeks -- and the Email Experience Council has also asked me to contribute to a new blog they will be starting up as well. Here are more email-related blogs for your perusal:

The Email Wars is a great blog written by the folks at the email digital agency eROI.

Return Path has a few blogs, including Matt Blumberg's personal blog OnlyOnce. Matt's blog talks about more than email and is a great resource for any entrepreneur out there.

MindComet, a company that specializes in rich media, has an informative blog called Email Marketing Voodoo

Outside the U.S., you will find the long-running Email Marketing Reports.

Bill Nussey, CEO of SilverPop, has a blog to go along with his book on email marketing, The Quiet Revolution in Email Marketing .

For those retailers out there, there is Chad White's informative RetailEmail.Blogspot.

And finally, my own personal Bill's Blog is where I write about all the stuff on my mind that I don't cover here.

I hope this list will keep you busy reading this week. And for those of you going to Ad:Tech this week, I'll be out there at my company's booth. Stop by and say hello. I'd love to hear from any readers of this column.

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