Americans Go To Tax, Survivor and Babyname Sites in January

Americans Go To Tax, Survivor and Babyname Sites in January

According to Nielsen//NetRatings, surfers from home flocked to tax sites as employers returned W-2 forms. During the week ending January 18, the five fastest growing tax sites combined drew more than 2.8 million unique visitors.

"The Web has made it easier for millions of Americans to file their own taxes," said Greg Bloom, senior analyst, Nielsen//NetRatings. "Offering step-by-step instructions, automated calculations and often quicker returns, filing online is an attractive option for the often daunting task of filing taxes."

Nielsen//NetRatings Fastest Growing Tax Sites, Week Ending January 18 (U.S., Home)

1/11 Unique Audience (000)1/18 Unique Audience (000)% Growth
1. hrblock.com113*363221%
2. taxACT.com164*23745%
3. turbotax.com40157744%
4. quicken.com70996837%
5. U.S. Internal Revenue Service9441,27535%

Source: Nielsen//NetRatings, January 2004
* Site did not meet Nielsen//NetRatings' minimum sample size requirements. Projected and average measures for these sites may exhibit large changes as a result.

More interesting facts from Nielsen//NetRatings' Week on the Web:

  • Traffic to CBS Television jumped 61 percent, at work, for the week ending January 18. Thirty-eight percent of the site's 916,000 unique visitors logged onto the Survivor page, where visitors can view bios and vote for their favorite cast members.

  • Traffic to grew 37 percent, at work, for the week ending January 18. Of the site's 538,000 unique work users, 23 percent visited the Baby Name Finder page where they can search for names based on gender, beginning and ending letters, number of syllables, and origin of name.

  • spiked 68 percent, at home, for the week ending January 18. The site attracted 428,000 unique visitors as compared to 255,000 the week prior. Seventy percent of the site's traffic signed onto the Beauty Studio page to give makeovers to their favorite Mattel doll.

    Source: Nielsen//NetRatings

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