Mendelsohn Lets Clients Tailor Surveys To Affluent

Mendelsohn Marketing and Research, which studies affluent Americans, their lifestyles and media consumption, is giving clients an added bonus. It will allow them to conduct their own customized surveys of its respondents in a new "Affluent Omnibus Survey," set to debut in late summer. It's an opportunity to tailor key questions a valued advertiser audience.

In this separate "recontact" survey, Mendelsohn clients will deliver their own set of questions to subjects who responded to Mendelsohn's annual Affluent Survey, which targets people with incomes over $85,000 a year. Mendelsohn will then compile a customized tabulation of the results. Added features will let clients compare their data with the overall annual survey.

The announcement comes amid growing discussion and debate among marketers and advertisers about how best to reach well-off consumers--a highly desirable audience. For example, "luxury" magazines are proliferating, but some advertisers question if these high-end glossies, delivered free to high-income households, are read as often as their publishers might claim.

By the same token, the 2006 Mendelsohn studies showed affluent Americans reading more consumer magazines than the previous year. Titles targeting the rich--including, for example, American Express Publishing's epicurean and travel titles--have fared better-than-average in terms of ad pages and circulation in recent years.



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