Gambling with Entertainment Marketing

It's tough to avoid the metaphors you have at a business conference in Las Vegas. But there was the Entertainment Marketing panel during the 4A's convention yesterday with lots of graphics of chips, dice, and playing cards --which may not be the exact picture clients or media agencies want stuck in their minds as they plunk down hundreds of thousands of dollars -- perhaps more - for an scene where a sitcom star looks at his Cingular cell phone to see whether his email has been returned on Even Frances Page, principal of strategy and business affairs at Magna Global, caught the possible business faux paux when offering up graphics. "Please excuse the gambling analogy." Yet, she went on. You shouldn't use all your chips just on entertaiment marketing - it should be in concert with public relations and other marketing campaigns. Sure, we'll excuse the comparison - but it'll probably be hard to forget the next time "The Apprentice" is asking for that $2 million price tag.
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