Nationwide Insurance Paints The Wall Yellow

One side of the Atlas building in downtown Columbus, Ohio was the recipient of a sloppy paint job in a not-so-mellow yellow hue. Let's hope they have great insurance.

The messy paint experiment is part of a well-executed three-ad wallscape for Nationwide Insurance that's thinly disguised as a paint brand campaign.

The first ad features three opened cans of paint and appears to be a generic ad for Coop's Paints along with the tag line, "Life in full color."

A can of yellow paint has spilt in the next ad, leaking paint down the building, past where the actual poster ends, coming to life by covering vehicles below in yellow paint.

The final ad, a victim of paint splatter, bears the tag line for Nationwide Insurance: "Life comes at you fast."

The same company that used both Fabio and Kevin Federline in its TV campaign has now created a faux paint brand to sell insurance.

I wish this campaign were produced in New York so I could see the creative up close and personal.

TM Advertising created the billboard and handled the media buy, in collaboration with Orange Barrel Media, for the wallscape, the company's third installation at the Atlas building.

The first Nationwide wallscape was erected in 2005, showing the age progression of a young man. First he gains weight and then he goes bald.

That wallscape was replaced with Fabio's mug, echoing his Super Bowl appearance. Who could forget it? He went from beefsteak to beef patty in less than thirty seconds.

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