Vodka Drinkers Tell Truth About Taste

"In vino veritas"? What about truth in vodka? In a new campaign, Philadelphia residents gave their unadulterated opinions on the taste of various vodka brands -- especially Pravda, the luxury vodka named for the Russian word for "truth."

With the brand now available in the United States, Pravda focused on the city of Brotherly Love in an effort to gauge drinkers' opinions on the vodka's taste compared to brands currently on the market.

Pravda organized taste tests from April through July at a number of bars, targeting 25- to 45-year olds.

After blind-tasting Pravda vodka along with an assortment of other brands, participants were given business cards with the URL and a phone number to call and let loose on their experience. A drunk dialer that's actually welcomed.

Users anonymously left voicemails for Pravda, revealing their honest opinion of the brand. These messages, whether they were good, bad, or downright inarticulate, were converted into mp3 files and posted online for the world to listen.

O3 World concocted the campaign, ideal for the brand, which had a limited budget.

Pravda never announced when and where the taste tests would take place, saving the brand money that would have been spent on scores of people who might have showed up just for the free vodka. The Web site offers audio clips, pictures from the tastings and blogs from each outing.

Visit the site and listen to a handful of voicemails. They range from ordinary to hysterical. One user said she selected the vodka that didn't make her dry heave... and let's just say it wasn't Pravda.

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