Out to Launch

Back-to-school ads. Steroid-free creative. Dunkin' Donuts customers stay rhythmic. Let's launch!

Slow motion, cheese and a bad toupee are the right combination for "Cheese," a spot for the British Columbia Lottery Corporation's Lotto 649. A man in a convenience store finds out he's a winner. As he jumps for joy, his toupee comes off and the clerk he's hugging drops a bowl of that delicious melted nacho cheese. Watch the ad here. In "Cats," a woman, her cats, and her fruit loops are airborne upon learning the good news. "Some moments last forever," conclude both ads. Click here to watch "Cats."DDB Canada created the campaign and TBWA Vancouver handled the media buy.

Wieden+Kennedy Tokyo created a wondrous TV spot entitled, "My name is," which aired during Wimbledon in the UK and US. The Nike ad is a mini bio for a tennis player talented enough to play soccer yet who chose tennis instead. Using childhood shots and a familiar voiceover, the ad introduces us to Roger Federer, a man who's won 11 majors and counting. And that famous voiceover? Tiger Woods, a 12-time major winner. His advice to Federer: "Keep up, buddy." Watch the ad here.

Tongue-in-cheek advertising is always a hit with me. Here's a good one. Hapa Sushi in Boulder Colorado ran a full-page ad in Colorado daily and weekly newspapers the day after Barry Bonds tied Hank Aaron's home run record of more than thirty years. The ad congratulates Hank Aaron on hitting 755 home runs. Copy at the bottom says: "Organic beef and chicken. No added steroids." Click here to see the ad. Yes, they went there. The best part about Bonds "breaking" Aaron's home run record? The ball was caught by a Mets fan! TDA Advertising & Design created the campaign and handled the media buy.

Dunkin' Donuts launched four TV spots promoting its flat-bread sandwiches and personal pizzas. One ad shows the seamless movements of workers on a construction site. Even a bump on the head is well-timed. Watch the ad here. Parents on the go keep the traffic flowing in another ad. Click here to watch. A man licking envelopes gets hungry for a mid-afternoon snack. His work suffers. Watch the ad here. A college student finds the taste of a pencil rather appealing in the final ad. Click here to watch.Hill Holiday created the campaign and handled the media buy.

Internet marketer B.L. Ochman launched the Clutter Control Freak Blog on behalf of Stacks and Stacks, a California-based houseware retailer. The company's staff of experts, along with 10 bloggers, will write about ways to get organized. The site will make organizing fun for its readers in the form of user-generated posts, video, a photo section called Freak of the Week, and additional sub-sections such as Stay or Go, Before & After house pics and House Tours that readers will vote on.

Modell's Sporting Goods launched a back-to-school TV campaign starring New England Patriots running back Laurence Maroney and DC United's defender Bobby Boswell. In "Scoreboard," Maroney practices drills and lifts weights as the voiceover says, "Drill until the earth turns to dust, and the scoreboard will remember." The spot closes with a flashing scoreboard recognizing the hard work. Watch the ad here. In "Season," Boswell knees a soccer ball while a motivating voiceover says, "This could be your season, the season you start, you become captain, you go undefeated." The ad then transforms Boswell into a younger and younger player, until he returns to the present day. Click here to watch the ad. The spots will run in New England and in the Mid-Atlantic states. DCODE created the campaign and Carat handled the media buy.

Target launched three TV spots targeting the back-to-college and back-to-school crowd. "Brave New Dorm" depicts how I wish my dorm room looked in college. Watch the ad here. A teacher paints a lovely classroom picture in "Chalk." Click here to watch. "Supplies" features the important things in a classroom: new school supplies, new clothes and a teacher that cares about her students. Watch the ad here.Wieden+Kennedy Portland created the campaign.

A congested parking lot is the scene for "Musical Cars," an ad promoting Kia Spectra. It's an adult take on musical chairs, with a group of cars circling a parking lot until the music stops and it's time to find a space. The race comes down to two cars: four women in one and two guys in another. Victory and defeat close the spot. Watch the ad here.davidandgoliath created the campaign and Carat handled the media buying.

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