WarpRadio Teams With TargetSpot

Online radio networks and ad firms are continuing to pair off, with the latest announcement coming from WarpRadio and TargetSpot. According to terms of the deal, advertisers will be able to use TargetSpot's technology to create, buy and place advertising in WarpRadio's network of streaming radio stations, 130 strong.

TargetSpot's system allows advertisers to create ads with customized audio, video, banner and text ads with jingles and other sound effects. It also enables them to upload their current audio creative. They can target audiences by demographic data, geographic location and specific stations.

The news follows two other deals bringing traditional radio sales rep firms into Internet streaming advertising.

In July, Katz Media Group acquired Net Radio Sales, renamed Katz Net Radio Sales--allowing advertisers to deliver ads across a variety of audio and Web-based platforms, including hundreds of station Web sites in its digital network. The company also provides a variety of interactive ads to station Web sites.



Net Radio Sales offers advertisers a choice of more than 1,000 Internet radio streams, including both broadcast and Internet-only stations, which reach a total 5 million listeners per month.

Also in July, Ronning Lipset Radio announced that it had partnered with Corstarr to use its Adcor technology for delivering Internet radio ads. Adcor, created by Corstarr co-founders Val Starr and Justin Corbett, allows broadcasters to set up multiple radio channels and deliver ads across one or all of them, targeting audiences by demographic characteristics and daypart. It also features an "intelligent" ad algorithm that delivers ads appropriate for these specific targeting goals.

In the future, Lipset and Corstarr hope to expand the Adcor offerings with online video, social networking and mobile functionality. Its performance reporting capabilities include data describing click-through rates on banner display ads that have been synced to the audio message.

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