KFC Targets The Nostrils Of Hungry Office Workers

You've heard of product placement. Now, there's aroma placement.

In what appears to be a first, KFC has unleashed the power of the smell of Kentucky Fried Chicken in the corporate halls of offices in Washington, D.C., Chicago and Dallas in an attempt to lure office workers to its restaurants.

Louisville, Ky.-based KFC is highlighting the launch of its new $2.99 Deals via a "scent-focused" pilot program over the past week involving the mailrooms of Chemistry.com in Dallas; the Trade Association & Society Consultants of Washington, D.C.; and the Chicago offices of the Salvation Army.

In the promotion, a plated meal including KFC chicken, a side item and a biscuit was placed on the mail carts that pass out interoffice mail, overnight packages and bills during pre-lunch drops. "Mailroom staffers were all fed first so that they would have the strength to deal with the employees clamoring for the KFC," says a spokesperson.

"The genius of this aroma-focused marketing first came from people's reactions here at KFC," he says. "Your nose tells you when someone has brought KFC onto the floor long before you ever see it. The reactions from the folks at these three companies confirmed that there truly is no better brand ambassador than the signature aroma of freshly prepared KFC."



The spokesperson says the campaign is in the tradition of KFC's Boneless Variety Bucket launch, when it embedded a high-pitched ring tone into a commercial that could be heard only by certain (young) segments of the population.

The $2.99 Deals include a chicken breast, a drumstick or thigh, two Crispy Strips, a side of mashed potatoes and gravy or macaroni and cheese, and a biscuit.

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