Out to Launch

All you need is cheese. When West Virginia calls, do you answer? Where do spices come from? Let's launch!

Newton Running Company launched a print campaign this week for its running shoes in U.S. and international running and triathlon magazines along with a new tagline, "Fast(er)." The campaign targets serious runners via situations where speed is of the essence. The first ad features a bride high-tailing it out of a church rather than taking the plunge. Another ad showcases a rodeo clown fully prepared to run from a bull, if necessary. The final ad illustrates an escaped convict who thought about his prison break in great detail. See the ads here, here and here. The ads feature zero copy, except for the URL. TDA Advertising & Design created the campaign and handled the media buy.



Do-gooders and horny couples are the only people in Canada worthy of eating cheese. The Dairy Farmers of Canada launched a TV and print campaign Monday entitled, "All You Need is Cheese" that portrays the yummy food as rewarding... and an aphrodisiac. In one ad, a husband longs for seconds at dinner, but he's cheese-blocked by his wife, who deems his extra work around the house unworthy of seconds. Watch the ad here. Another spot shows the sensual role cheese plays in the bedroom... or a car. Click here to watch. There's even a microsite where visitors in a game-show competition setting use cheese to impress people. See what happens when Steve impresses his date with a cheese platter. A billboard erected above Toronto's Gardiner expressway resembles a block of cheddar about to be grated. See it here.TAXI Montréal created the campaign and M2 Universal handled the media buy.

BMW launched a great TV campaign this week promoting the BMW 3 Series and the unexpected roles it's played in art, movies and video games. "We didn't set out to be a getaway car or art car... We didn't set out to play games or start a religion," says the voiceover in "We Built The Car." The ad features snippets of the 3 Series found in the movie "Pretty in Pink" and the video game "Grand Tourismo 4." Watch the ad here.GSD&M's Idea City created the ad and handled the media buy.

A rainbow has lost its mojo in "Colorless," one of two new TV spots for Jimmy Dean D-lights, a lower-in-fat breakfast sandwich made with turkey sausage and whole-grain muffins. Rainbow sees the light, eats a sandwich and her colors return. Click here to watch. The truth hurts in "Boulder." A newspaper headline mocks the weight of hail balls as pumpkin-sized. Rainbow, whose colors are back, along with an accent, gives Hail a low-fat sandwich to help him lose his destructive weight. Watch the ad here.TBWA/Chiat/Day Los Angeles created the campaign and Starcom Worldwide handled the media buy.

Spice Islands launched a print and online campaign targeting consumers who love to cook, travel and create masterpieces with their spices. "Curry Heat" creates a desert setting, complete with sand dunes, palm trees and camels using spices such as curry, cumin, paprika and mustard. The second ad, "Island Harvest," uses cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, sweet basil, tarragon, mustard and bay leaves to create palm trees and mountains. Both ads use the tagline, "What the World Tastes Like." "Curry Heat" breaks in the October/November issues of Cooking Light, Gourmet, Food & Wine, Sunset, Cooking Pleasures and Saveur, with "Island Harvest" bowing in the December issues. See the ads here and here. Both ads drive traffic to the redesigned Web site, due to relaunch Oct. 15. Cramer-Krasselt Milwaukee created the campaign and handled the media buy.

The Humane Society launched a branding campaign highlighting its new logo and promoting the organization's key messages: celebrating animals and confronting cruelty. The new logo morphs 18 animals into the shape of the United States, each representing a different injustice. The chicken represents factory farming, for example, and the fox represents the fur trade. Each poster spotlights one animal and its specific plight. "Help keep a litter from becoming trash," reads an ad with a cat and its kittens. "Isn't having a rifle enough of an advantage," says an ad protecting rams. See the ads here and here. Euro RSCG Chicago created the campaign.

The West Virginia Division of Tourism launched a TV and print campaign calling all tourists to the state. A wife, clad only in her bathrobe, stands in the middle of the forest in one ad. Hikers pass by, softly speaking to her. In reality, she's just daydreaming in her kitchen. Watch it here. A man who's about to shave receives a message from a passing kayaker: "West Virginia is calling." He snaps out of his fantasy, thanks to a clogged sink. Click here to watch. Print ads from the "West Virginia is Calling" campaign show a campground and river rafters tempting would-be vacationers in everyday settings. Click here and here to see creative. Charles Ryan Associates created the campaign.

The Energizer Bunny comes to the aid of a clumsy janitor in "Millwood." A spilt cup of  joe brings a world of darkness to the nation. The emergency lithium backup system, the Energizer Bunny, quickly restores the light. Watch the ad here.TBWA/Chiat/Day Los Angeles created the campaign and Mediaedge:cia New York handled the media buy.

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