Beer & Clamato?

Anheuser-Busch's EVP/CCO Bob Lachky let us in on an ongoing product test of a new product, Chelada, a blend of Bud and Clamato. Clamato? Clam juice? He says it's big in the Latino culture and predicts it will be huge in '08. Lachky alluded to something apparently similar, Sneaky Pete's? I never heard of this but beer and clam juice has never piqued my interest. Said he used to drink them in college. Personally, I never got past tequila, salt and lemons. Anybody drink Buds and clam juice ever?

Anyway, Cheladas will go up against Miller Chill, already out in the marketplace. Miller Chill contains salt and lime but Cheladas will push the envelope further, adding ... Clamato. It sounds so bad it's got to be good. (Sorry, Smuckers.)

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