Avot Media Debuts mV Mobile Video Platform

Avot Media is the newest tech firm to jump into the mobile video pool, touting its mV service as a "third generation" video-streaming platform that attacks the issues of poor video quality for mobile Web users.

Avot mV is an ad-supported service that allows users to search for, watch and share mobile videos in relative real time. The platform features a search tool that allows users to set content preferences, and then aggregate the videos into playlists. The content transferal feature shortens the process of porting video from both mobile Web and Internet-based media providers.

While smartphone users download an application that resides in their device, feature phone users navigate to the mV portal (http://avotmv.com) from their mobile browser. According to Brian Sathianathan, founder and president of the Sunnyvale, Calif.-based Avot, the tech behind Avot mV's platform ensures that both sets of users get the same high-quality video experience.

"Most mobile video platforms use a transcoding process to convert desktop content to mobile format, but that often creates jitter and lag, degrades the video quality and can make watching mobile video a painful process," Sathianathan says. "Avot mV eliminates that process whether the user is on a smartphone or something like a Motorola Rzr."



Although the service is free, Avot Media offers multiple video monetization options. The company is aiming for partnerships with media providers that will seed mV* with specially branded channels of professional content. There are two ad models for advertisers, as Avot Media can serve ads directly to the users' handsets, or work with third-party ad vendors like adMob.

Sathianathan added that the company is also in talks with major retail chains to develop a service that would allow mobile users to access "how-to," and demonstration videos for various in-store products. *Note: Amends published article.

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