Loose Change A Salve For Holiday Spending Blues

Loose Change A Salve For Holiday Spending Blues

A new survey by Coinstar, Inc., conducted by Kelton Research, reveals that, after the high of holiday shopping and festivities are over, many Americans get the blues after receiving bank and credit card statements. The survey finds that many look for solutions to stretch their holiday budgets by cashing in their coin jar.

  • More than six in ten Americans (62%) admit to feeling the blues after the holidays. 27% say that one of the biggest downers is the credit card and bank statements. Americans, the report says, are nearly twice as likely to feel depressed when their bills come in, than when it's time to head back to work.
  • Of those Americans who admit to stretching their budget during the holidays, 43% say they forgo luxuries like going out with their friends, while 27% cash in their coin jar for some extra spending money.

Alex Camara, Senior Vice President at Coinstar, says "There's about $90 in forgotten change sitting in the average American household, money that can easily be used to supplement holiday budgets."

For more about Coinstar, and the study, please visit here.

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