Papa John's Kicks Off 'TEXTra' Promo For Football Season

It may sound a little confusing on first read, but any of the targeted diehard football fans will have no trouble dialing up a new promotion from Papa John's.

TEXTra Points 4 Pizza, which started last weekend during the playoffs kick-off, allows fans to win discounted pizza during high-scoring games up to and including the big one in Phoenix on Feb. 3.

The promo kicked off Friday with a national news release and with prime positioning on the Papa John's home page. The company also will send e-blasts to its registered consumers during the promotion.

Fans sign up at or text "POINTS" to 47272 (4Papa) ahead of the game, and can get super deals on pizza throughout the season based on the number of points scored on the field.

During the wild-card and divisional rounds, fans will get a texted promo code worth 25% off a large, three-topping pizza ordered online the following week IF the game totals 25 points or more.

For conference championship day on Jan. 20, the discount goes to 50% if the teams score a cumulative 50 points.



Finally, on Super Bowl Sunday, if the cumulative score is 75 points or more, registered fans get a 75% discount, taking the regular $15.99 price of the pizza to $3.99.

Papa John's is at the forefront of text-ordering, having launched it in November. Rival Pizza Hut is about to follow suit, and Quiznos, Dunkin' Donuts, McDonald's, Starbucks and Subway are all investigating text-ordering.

Various industry executives as well as academic observers are predicting that text-ordering's potential is huge, and will become as commonplace as online ordering is now within a few years. Some say it could account for a quarter of all such orders within 10 years.

In a press release, Louisville, Ky.-based Papa John's noted that the lowest weekly average combined score during last year's regular football season was 36.1 "so cashing in on the promotion during the first two playoff weekends is virtually a lock.

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