User Generated Video Expects 34 Billion Views in 2008

User Generated Video Expects 34 Billion Views in 2008

According to a recently published market report from AccuStream iMedia Research, user Generated Video (UGV) scored 22.4 billion views in 2007, up 70% over 2006. Semi professional content grabbed a 47.5% total share on MySpace TV, and the Screen Bites category on generated a 17.5% cumulative share of total views.

A more refined analysis, says the report, reveals average views per video of 10,695 in 2007. led the UGV group, averaging 216,596 per video, accelerated by its re-organization emphasizing category expansion and more professional content.

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Source: AccuStream iMedia Research, January 2009

The report says that in the entire market segment, there were a total of 1.68 million non exclusive videos added to UGV libraries in 2007 (net of removed, retired videos) that generated views and became part of library rotation and were accessible to users, averaging 9,538 views. Almost 20% of total views generated in 2007 were delivered by videos published in 2006 or before. Yahoo Video was one of the exceptions, opting to focus almost exclusively on videos published in 2007.

Top line report findings and analysis:

(All data presented, analyzed, summarized and forecast in this research report is based on video views that are non duplicated, and double counting minimized)

  • There were a total of 22.4 billion views of User Generated Content (UGV) in 2007, including professional, semi-professional and partner channel video views on UGV sites
  • The market grew by an estimated 70% in 2007, up from a total 13.2 billion views generated in 2006
  • The market is forecast to grow at 52% in 2008, and reach 34 billion views, as indicated by straight line linear regression analysis of current market data
  • The UGV video segment is made up of several top tier brands which capture large chunks of viewing share, particularly YouTube and MySpace, as well as many second and third tier sites that contribute significantly to overall market
  • It's estimated YouTube added 831,147 videos to its library in 2007 (net of all video retired or removals)
  • An analysis of selected group of UGV sites reveals average views per video of 10,695
  • was the market leader in generating views per video at 216,596, accomplished by emphasizing professional content
  • Metacafe, a highly editorialized site with a mix of adult content was next at 85,505 videos per video

The report concludes that YouTube partner channels accounted for 10.6% of cumulative site views generated over the past year.

For a review of the complete released report, please visit AccuStream here.

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