Stop Targeting Your Consumers

Some things may need to change for BT to work, according to eMarketer's David Hallerman--namely the words we use to describe it.

"There are a lot of intelligent people who spend more and more time online. When they hear they're getting targeted they get itchy. People don't want to be targeted or tracked," Hallerman said, during his post-lunch keynote. "The language of boar and hunting does not work with people."

And it doesn't stop there. "Language colors how people see us and how we think of others. Maybe we need to stop calling them consumers, target audience and viewers ... and just think about them as people," Hallerman said.

Hmmm ... advertising to people. Delivering personalized, relevant ads to valuable people. Sounds kinda nice, doesn't it?

Targeted. The language of boar and hunting does not work for people. A lot of intelligent ppl who spend more time online

Who hear they get targeted -- they get itchy. Language colors how ppl see us, how we think of others. May need to be a change

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