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Are You The Next SEO Superstar?

  • TopRank , Friday, February 22, 2008 1:15 PM

Perhaps the better question is--do you want to be the next SEO superstar? If the answer is yes, then Lee Odden says you might need to get your priorities straight. "An amazing number of people seem to think becoming well known in the search marketing business is an end in and of itself," Odden says. "Establishing a well known brand and reputation in an industry is only worthwhile if there's something to back it up. Otherwise, all that is achieved is a hollow online existence requiring the constant feeding of "notoriety crack.""

TopRank readers responded with comments that chided the growing egos of some "search superstar wannabes," ultimately agreeing that blogging, speaking at conferences and otherwise gaining status in the search industry is only worthwhile if you have the skills, experience and stellar client results to back it up.

In the words of Dan Thies: "Less time spent trying to "become known," and more time spent becoming useful, will lead you to the same place. It's hard to remain unknown when you write useful posts. I'd rather be as smart as Hamlet and Sebastian, and have nobody know my name, than to be the face on the SEO float in the Thanksgiving Day parade."



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