Time Shift TV Viewing

Time Shift TV Viewing

According to a recently released Digital Life America tracking study conducted by Solutions Research Group, nearly 80 million Americans (43% of the online population) have watched one of their favorite TV shows on the Internet, up significantly from 12 months ago when that figure was just 25%. 20% of the American online population said they watch TV on the web on a weekly basis, and that's ahead of the 14% who say they take advantage of cable's video-on-demand offerings.

The sample of  Americans aged 12 and older said that 'to watch a specific show' was the main reason for 21% of all visits to major network websites in November 2007. Of the major network sites, received the highest user experience score among those who streamed a TV show, with 52% rating their overall experience as ‘excellent," followed by (44%)

Why People Visit Major Network Sites(ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox)

Reason for Visit

% of Viewers(viewed 1 or more network websites in previous month)

Check schedule


View specific show








Weather, traffic




Source: Digital Life America Q4 '07, February 2008

Top major network TV shows viewed on the Internet included Heroes, Grey's Anatomy, Dancing with the Stars, Ugly Betty, Chuck, CSI and House, Kitchen Nightmares, Smallville and Gossip Girl.

Those who viewed one of the leading 20 prime time shows in the past 24 hours were asked to identify the source of viewing. Overall, 25% of prime time viewing was time shifted using a DVR, broadband, mobile or similar. Among viewers 18-34, one-third (34%) of viewing was time-shifted. And among 18-49 households with a DVR, a remarkable 55% of the leading 20 shows were time-shifted.

If a household has a DVR and broadband, DVR is the preferred means of time-shifting. DVR users are becoming more aggressive in skipping commercials-65% say they "always" skip commercials compared to 52% a year ago.

Skip Commercials on DVR(% DVR owners)


Always skip

Frequently skip

Oct. 2006



Nov. 2007



Source: Digital Life America Q4 '07, February 2008

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