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Search CPCs Vs. Content CPCs Across Verticals

Efficient Frontier has posted data comparing average client CPCs across verticals for both search and content network ads in January. Overall, the search firm's clients spent more on search CPCs (65 cents) than content network CPCs (32 cents).

But further analysis of the data shows that costs vary across verticals. For example, Efficient Frontier's finance clients spent an average of $2.70 per click on search ads--more than double the amount they spent on content ads. Meanwhile, automotive advertisers paid a penny more per click on content ads, while dating and travel sites' average CPCs for content came much closer to their search CPCs.

According to Leann Prescott, the firm's Auto and Dating clients "are spending the largest share of search engine advertising on content, so it makes sense that they can afford a higher relative CPC on content."



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