YES! You can use emerging media to reach 35+ consumers

Our own Joe Mandese had his skeptic hat on when he asked panelists "every brand can't participate in a game, or have mini-movies or widgets on their site, can they? Where can we go with this?"

The panelists resounded with a convincing "YES YOU CAN!"

Alan Cohen of Initiative used the Sonic power toothbrush as an example, saying "How many people use a Sonic toothbrush? Do you like it? Have you told someone about it? Okay, so would you watch a video online about the product if they were coming out with a new version?"

The audience response ranged from "sure, yes ... why not ... and of course"

And Cohen said, "So there's an online video that could be placed on a widget, that people would want to see -- and it's a product that's not geared toward 18-year-olds."

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