Creepy Real

As it turns out, Dale Herigstad really is from the future. And he wrapped up his keynote by showing it to us. Dale, who a few years back worked with Steven Spielberg to come up with the “gestural interface” that Tom Cruise uses in “Minority Report,” showed some current gestural interfaces that are actually here today. As amazing as that might seem, Dale also gave a preview of an interface technology that would make even science fiction author Philip K. Dick blush.

“It can read your brainwaves,” Dale said, referring to the new Emotive system, a headset technology that will be available for $299 just in time for the Christmas season.

With Emotiv, you’ll simply think about what media content you want to see, and the system will activate it for you.

“It’s what I call creepy real,” said Dale, providing the first evidence I’ve seen that he actually might not be from the future.

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