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Have Mac Ads Put a Dent in Microsoft Brand?

  •, Thursday, March 20, 2008 11 AM
Apple is being given credit for a plunge in Microsoft's brand ranking in an annual survey among consumers. According to the 2008 CoreBrand survey, released on Wednesday, Microsoft now clocks in at No. 49 among global brands, a precipitous drop from its 2004 ranking of No. 11.

The author of the study points to Apple's popular "Mac Vs. PC" ads as a possible culprit. Other tech brands shifted as well: Motorola dropped to No. 94 from No. 83 in 2006, while Toshiba rose 10 notches over the prior year, to No. 71.

A similar study released Wednesday suggests that consumers who look at advertising often assume the qualities of their preferred brands.

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