YouTube Insight: How About TelevisionTube Insight?

And the only reason I say that is because I am extremely interested in the viewing paths of television watchers. Why? Because there's probably no real rhyme or reason to how people "discover" content -- except for the dialogue that goes on in their head, which cannot be tracked.

Now, I know this is blasphemy coming from a recovering data junkie, but come on -- you know I am right. Consider the next time you turn on the TV looking for something to watch (and this doesn't apply to appointment viewing). You know, that Saturday afternoon when you would rather die than watch "The Breakfast Club," listen to what goes on in your head while you rummage through the guide. Is it logical, or is it driven by that internal ongoing dialogue that no one else hears and no measurement tool can capture? I am thinking it is the latter.

Now apply the same to VOD browsing. You hit the channel guide, you search, you explore, you view. If you watch "The Constant Gardener," does that mean that you will watch "The English Patient"? Perhaps. But is there any real predictability to the patterns that could, would, may, emerge? Possibly.

While I always applaud innovation, I am also careful to point out the simple absurdity of it all. Remember, folks, just because you can, doesn't mean you should.



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