Walk A Mile In My Shoes...

And I'll be that much closer to needing a new pair.

Palladium shoes launched a travel-themed email and point-of-sale campaign informing consumers that the more they walk, the more shoes they'll buy.

"Get Your Ramble On," created by The Republik, maps out walking tours for cities such as Lisbon, Seattle, Prague and Hana, Hawaii. In addition, the company also named its new shoes after the cities featured in the campaign. I'm walking in Lisbon, while wearing my Lisbons.

Large-scale in-store posters were distributed to 500 stores nationwide, picturing city landmarks, a walking route and simple copy like "See Praha [Prague] like Kafka -- walk it," or "Roam Seattle in 4,752 steps." POS walking routes can be downloaded at

The brand name is found on the posters, but, surprisingly, no sight of the actual shoes. That's taken care of in the email campaign. An opt-in travel newsletter is sent twice a month, highlighting one city/shoe style per issue.

Each edition contains creative from the POS campaign, a picture of the shoe that matches the city in question, a list of places to visit, a $100 rebate offer, called a "Tell-A-Friend Bribe" and useful phrases that will come in handy while on vacation.

"Nesahej me na boty" means don't touch my shoes in Czech, but don't ask me how to pronounce it. Too bad there wasn't a phonetic spelling of each word included.

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