PullMyLink.com Sued For Copyright Infringement

ScreenshotAs part of Hollywood's ongoing campaign against online copyright infringement, the motion picture industry has filed a lawsuit against PullMyLink.com, a site that offers links to pirated movies and TV shows.

"Defendant's website is a one-stop shop for infringing material," the movie studios allege in their lawsuit, filed last week in federal district court in Los Angeles.

The studios accuse the site of profiting from piracy with its ad-supported site, which offers links to movies like "Beowulf" and television programs like "The Tudors." PullMyLink doesn't itself host any content, but the movie industry says the ad-supported site should be held responsible for piracy.

"The fundamental purpose of PullMyLink is to further the illegal dissemination and to contribute to the illegal dissemination of infringing works," the Motion Picture Association of America states in its complaint.

The PullMyLink site includes a disclaimer that all content is submitted by users and that the company doesn't "condone or promote uploading or downloading copyrighted content." It also promises to comply with any take-down notices.

The studios allege that in February they alerted PullMyLink regarding 90-some examples of infringing works available through the site, and that the site "ignored" the notice. The company allegedly failed "either to remove the links to plaintiffs' copyrighted works from the PullMyLink website or to take steps to ensure that their website does not infringe ... in the future," the lawsuit states.

This lawsuit marks the seventh the movie industry has filed in the last year against sites that link to pirated content. MPAA has also targeted BitTorrent tracking sites like TorrentSpy and isoHunt. TorrentSpy shuttered last month, after a federal court entered a judgment against the company for destroying users' IP addresses, forum posts, and other evidence that would have been used against it at trial.

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