Large Nail Looking For Equally Large Hammer

Must love double entendres and the ability to fix things.

DIY Network promoted its 9 pm prime-time program line-up, which includes the shows "Under Construction," "Hammered," "Cool Tools," "Sweat Equity" and "The Inside Job," using one oversized object: a 9-ft nail. How many nine-inch nails would it take to make a 9-ft nail -- and who stole the oversized hammer?

The giant nail was created as part of a mobile marketing campaign supporting "Nailed at 9."

The campaign began in Knoxville, Tenn. with a display on the Scripps Networks building. A large nail was hammered through the number nine of a clock, cracking the glass, as it's about to approach the 9 pm mark.

"Get nailed every weeknight at 9 pm," says the ad that nailed the nail on the head.

Media Storm came up with the concept for this campaign, which continued with the 9-ft nail that was pulled on a flatbed trailer through Charlotte, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Orlando and Tampa.

Hadley Media created the mobile element of the campaign, which visited area malls, Lowe's and Home Depot stores.

Shoppers were invited to play a series of nail-themed games for prizes ranging from gift cards, tools, video iPods and T-shirts.

Hammer into your target audience at the very places said audience shops? Now that's hitting the nail on the head.

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