Consumer-Generated Heinz Ad To Air On Cable, At Six Flags

heinz screengrabA 30-second spot created by a 25-year-old will be airing nationally throughout the spring and summer for Heinz Ketchup.

Not only does Matt Cozza of Chicago win national acclaim, he also gets the $57,000 cash prize for winning the company's "Top This" TV Challenge Take Two consumer-generated ad contest--the second of its kind.

Cozza's creation shows restaurant diners grabbing bottles of Heinz Ketchup off nearby carts and tables and hugging them close. When one couple sits down to eat, they appear to be puzzled by the lack of said product on their table, noting fellow diners pouring ketchup over fries and burgers. A wait-staff member strides by and places a bottle of Heinz Ketchup on the table, visibly relaxing the dining couple. Tagline: "Now we can eat."

Cozza's entry was voted best of 10 semifinalists by visitors to a Web site hosting the challenge.



A spokesperson for Heinz says the spot will air on the Food and Fine Living networks and on closed-circuit TV Six Flags amusement parks.

Cozza, a graduate in film and video production at Northwestern University, edged out more than 2,000 qualified entrants. He got the idea for the video, Heinz says, when he went with friends to dine out and discovered no ketchup at their table. They swiped one off a nearby table and saw details about the contest printed on the bottle.

The runners-up, whose ads also will air alongside Cozza's, each received $5,700. The cash prizes are modeled after the Pittsburgh-based company's "57 Varieties" slogan.

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