Media Agencies Compete In MSNBC Contest For Bragging Rights, Charity

Media agencies take note: is targeting you for a friendly, yet spirited, game of NewsBreaker Challenge, where agencies compete against one another online for bragging rights, personal prizes and major exposure for a charity of their choice.

The NewsBreaker Agency Challenge launched April 14 and runs until May 9. Agencies that visit the site must select their company from a directory of media agencies listed by name and location.

Gamers then break through a wall that drops the latest RSS news headlines as pieces of the wall break off. Players must keep their ball in motion while simultaneously collecting headlines.

Users begin with three turns. Collecting 25 story headlines, like "Senior Drug Benefit Gets Mixed Review" or "Police: Woman Lived With Mummified Sister," gets players an extra turn.

Once the game is complete, players submit their score to the leader board by typing their name and email address and registering their agency.

The media agency with the top average score at the end of the contest will win a one-day homepage takeover for a national charity of its choice. Very nice. According to, the site garners 3 million visitors a day, equaling an impressive amount of exposure for a charity.

Individual players with the highest scores are eligible to win an Xbox 360, a Zune music player and a Blu-Ray Disc player.

So when your boss catches you playing a round of agency NewsBreaker, you can tell her that it's both work-related and charitable!

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