Larry Nusbaum Returns To Ronco

  • April 29, 2008
His mission as chairman, CEO and president is to continue to build the brand. The terms of the acquisition and financial sponsor are undisclosed.

In August, Nusbaum led Ronco out of bankruptcy and executed a successful turnaround. During his tenure, the industry veteran restructured and reestablished Ronco's DRTV business and increased the retail footprint, creating the framework for future growth.

The original Ronco Corporation was founded, in 1959, by legendary pioneer of infomercials, Ron Popeil, who operated it until divesting his ownership in 2005. He revolutionized direct-to-consumer marketing with the creation of the TV infomercial and making famous phrases such as "but wait, there's more!" "Ron's name and likeness continues to be one of the company's major assets in generating brand awareness in the marketplace," states Nusbaum in a release.

The Ronco brand will continue to expand its vast line of consumer products using direct marketing of its frontline house wares, household and kitchen items to the global market.

--Nina M. Lentini



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