Triton Buys Jones Media Group

Triton Radio Networks is beefing up its programming and sales portfolio with the acquisition of Jones Media Group. The deal, announced Friday, gives Triton control of Jones Radio Networks and Jones Media America, an ad sales rep firm.

The radio network division, through subsidiaries, serves over 5,000 radio stations, and manages a number of popular talk-radio shows, with hosts such as Bill Press and David Horowitz. It also has around-the-clock business news programs and music formats. The terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Once the acquisition is complete, Triton's ad sales rep business, Dial Global, will absorb Jones Media America, and its programming business, Dial Global Programming, will absorb Jones Radio Networks. JonesTM, another division of Jones Media Group, will become a new stand-alone division at Triton; JonesTM syndicates music libraries and ad content for use by radio stations.

Both divisions will be managed by David Landau and Ken Williams, Dial Global's co-presidents and CEO.



In November 2007, Triton Media Group picked up Excelsior Radio Networks and its two subsidiaries, Dial Global and MJI Interactive. With a price tag said to exceed $100 million, the deal allowed Triton to expand the reach of ads through Excelsior's online network. At the time of purchase, Dial Global was providing sales representation to more than 50 national production companies, as well as producing and syndicating 25 shows.

Sister firm MJI provides partner stations with Web content and software tools, helping them execute online strategies that are seen as crucial to future ad revenue growth.

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