Out to Launch

David Beckham has face time in Sharpie ad. Charlie Sheen hawks Hanes. Ecstatic for one, eyes wide shut for the other. Let's launch!

There are some weird milk ads coming out of Canada. The BC Dairy Foundation launched a series of ads demonstrating the consequences of not drinking enough milk, in an effort to make milk a relevant part of teenagers' lives. Cartoon crime-fighting teenagers morph into strong animals when taking on bad guys, except for the non-milk drinker, who turns into a mouse. "Must drink more milk," says the mousy crime fighter, seen here. Six TV spots and 14 animated videos will trickle out over the next three years. Two videos have launched on the MilkVids YouTube channel, both better than the TV spot. In Russian Dolls, a group of sisters, all with man voices, play together outside until it's time to go inside. The potato-chip-munching sister breaks her older, bigger sister, when she tries to stack her fat self inside her poor sister. "Playing Cards" is my favorite video. Jack and Queen are getting hot and heavy. "I have longed for your spade," says the Queen. "I want to flip you," responds the Jack, until the King catches them in the act. Watch the ads here. DDB Canada Vancouver created the campaign, Tribal DDB Canada created the site and OMD Vancouver handled the media buy.

NBC Universal Media Studios went political in an ad campaign touting its EMMY hopefuls using the tag line, "Exercise Your EMMY Rights." The campaign includes a 14-page print effort, a Web site to obtain campaign buttons throwing support toward favorite candidates, a viral video starring Steve Carrell trying to drum up support for his candidacy, and a DVD mailer that was sent to Academy members. More than 20,000 people requested buttons in the site's first week. The video shows Carrell visiting a sick co-worker in a hospital and filling awkward pauses in meetings, just some of the good things he brings to the EMMYs. "Believe in Steve," concludes the video, seen here. View additional campaign components here, here, here, here and here. BBDO West created the campaign.

Charlie Sheen and Michael Jordan teamed up for two TV spots for Hanes' undershirts and boxer briefs. Sheen is no Beckham, but the ads were surprisingly tolerable. In one ad Sheen is so eager to show Jordan his stay-in-place boxer-briefs that he forgets that he's driving and backs into the Valet stand that falls atop another car. His vanity plate is MASHEEN. That alone got me through the ad, seen here. Sheen tries to befriend Jordan in the next ad by tossing his cell phone into Jordan's departing vehicle. Watch the ad here. TheMartin Agency created the campaign and Starcom handled the media buy.

David Beckham's John Hancock was the only part of him that appeared in teaser ads for Sharpie. That's evolved: Beckham stars in the latest TV spot but he does not speak. And that's OK. David Beckham could sell compost and I would back my car up and shovel it in my trunk. The ad launches July 7, and features Beckham autographing a coffee cup, jug of orange juice and magazine cover, each time admiring the owner's Sharpie, while trying to pocket it. He winds up with one at the end of the ad, and it only cost him his shirt. The perfect way to end the ad would have been a completely shirtless Beckham, but I'm not complaining. Watch the ad here. Brand Buzz New York created the campaign and handled the media buy.

Coldwell Banker launched two new TV spots starring talking paintings of deceased co-founders Colbert Coldwell and Arthur Banker. "Déjà vu" observes Coldwell and Bankerdiscussing how home affordability is the highest it's been in years, making this a smart time to buy real estate, and reminding Banker of times past. Watch the ad here. Coldwell can read Banker's mind in the next ad, "Prediction." "Yes, only after dark, and absolutely not," answers Coldwell to the thoughts in Banker's head.Click here to watch the ad. McKinney created the campaign; Kinesis Marketing created the microsite and MediaCom executed the media buy.

Who knew the Summer Solstice was a sponsored event? Jolt Energy sent John Cimperman, the principal of its ad agency Cenergy, to Barrow, Alaska, stocked with cases of Jolt to hand-deliver to its 4,000 residents. Why, you ask? The residents will spend the next 5 weeks and 6 days, 1992 hours, without darkness. Quite fascinating, but sleeping must be difficult. For one day, June 20, Barrow was renamed Jolt, Alaska, a fitting moniker. Click here to see creative.

Whole Foods launched an outdoor campaign in the tri-state area (New York, New Jersey and Connecticut) positioning itself as the store that meets both gourmet needs and everyday grocery needs. "A 50 person line has about a 4 minute wait. About as long as you wait for other cashiers to wrap up a personal call," reads one subway ad, referring to Whole Foods' notoriously long lines. The company also offered free pedicab rides, making it easier to lug your booty back home. See the ads here, here and here. The Watsons created the campaign and Star Media handled the media buy.

The DISH Network launched three TV ads a few months ago starring Frank Caliendo impersonating Presidents Bush and Clinton, Al Pacino and Donald Trump. They're running on network and cable through July and continue to amuse. Ads promote the benefits of owning a DishDVR. President Bush describes the pause button as something for animal lovers in one spot, seen here. Al Pacino is blown away by the pause feature and Donald Trump's hair looks halfway decent in the remaining ads, seen here and here. Fueld created the campaign and media buying was handled in-house.

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