NaCo USA Clothes Avatars In

  • June 26, 2008
NaCo USA is the latest brand to try going virtual, as the apparel company is offering its duds for sale in Nine pieces from the Mexico-based clothing line will be available for users to buy for their avatars, with options to purchase real-world merchandise as well.

> The company's name is a play on the word "naco," a term that means tacky in Mexican Spanish. According to the brand's founders, the designs and messages on the clothes give NaCo wearers a "self-assured style that disregards what others think is cool."

The irreverent brand image makes NaCo a perfect match for's growing Hispanic population, according to Michael Wilson, CEO of Makena Technologies ('s parent company). "There are currently over 15 clubs in that cater specifically to Hispanic audiences," Wilson said. "With our members focused on self-expression and socialization, the fun, offbeat messages on NaCo's clothing offer our audience another unique way to express themselves."

--Tameka Kee

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