MessageLabs: Illinois Is Most-Spammed State

  • July 17, 2008
Illinois has topped MessageLabs' list as the most spam-heavy state in the U.S., with South Dakota and Oregon coming in second and third place, respectively.

The New York-based email and Web security services firm published its latest monthly spam report, and broke out the top 10-most-spammed U.S. states. A state's spam rate is determined according to the ratio of spam detected within all of its email traffic, and MessageLabs scans about three billion email connections daily.

"The varying spam levels across states can be attributed to different socioeconomic factors and levels of security awareness in each state," said Matt Sergeant, a senior anti-spam technologist at MessageLabs. "The states that are experiencing higher spam levels may not place as high a priority on IT security overall, or employees and businesses may be more willing to share their personal contact information in public domains."

New Hampshire, Wisconsin, North Carolina, Indiana, Texas, Pennsylvania and Alabama were the other states included in the top 10.

--Tameka Kee

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