ValueClick To Launch Predictive Behavioral Targeting

ValueClick screenshotValueClick Media, a division of ValueClick, Inc., is expected to announce the launch of its Precision BT suite today at the OMMA Behavioral conference in San Francisco.

The suite combines access to anonymous consumer online behavior with a predictive technology to create a scalable behavioral targeting solution available to marketers via two products: Precision Retargeting, an enhanced version of the user retargeting capabilities offered by ValueClick Media since 2005, and Precision Profiles, which uses a proprietary predictive algorithm to identify a marketer's best prospects in hundreds of consumer interest segments.

Until now, predictive algorithms have rarely been applied to behavioral targeting, compared to the common cluster and custom business rules approaches popularized by Tacoda and Revenue Science, respectively, according to Matthew Boyd, senior vice president, ValueClick Media. Predictive analytics includes only the best consumers in each segment at any given time, based on a marketer's intended objective and the consumer's likelihood to take action in the future, he said.



"What makes Precision Profiles unique is our access to a critical mass of anonymous consumer online experiences and the way our technology dynamically categorizes and transforms them into hundreds of interest segments," he said. "Combined with the ability for our optimization technology to identify the best possible context in which to serve an ad, we have assembled the most scalable, data-driven audience targeting platform for marketers to achieve their brand and direct response objectives."

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