Study: Online Viewing Boosts CBS Audience

  • July 22, 2008
CBS says a new study by Magid Media Labs shows online streaming of its programs is expanding its overall audience without cannibalizing its TV viewership.

The study, commissioned by CBS, found that 35% of its online video audience is now more likely to watch CBS programming on TV because they connected with shows online. Nearly half of the network's online audience is incremental, with 46% watching only or mostly online.

A majority of the same viewers said having the shows available online wasn't a factor in their decision not to watch them on TV. The median age of online viewers was 38, according to Magid's survey of 50,000 people who have watched full program episodes across the CBS Audience Network, made up of more than 300 distribution partners including, AOL, Microsoft and Yahoo.

In terms of advertising, half of online viewers correctly recalled the brand of an ad they saw, and 18% said they were more influenced to make a purchase.--Mark Walsh



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