AT&T 'Buddies' Reprise Roles For TV, Broadband Services

AT&T ad spot The Dallas-based carrier is bringing back its "Buddies" campaign to promote AT&T High Speed Internet and AT&T Advanced TV--the company's portfolio of video services, including AT&T U-verse TV, AT&T | DISH Network and AT&T Homezone services.

The first four TV spots in the campaign--"Fries," "Windows," "Letter" and "Cord"--launched this week in 16 markets, including Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles and San Francisco. Three radio spots--"Roommate," "TV's" and "Singer"--are also now running. The campaign will promote AT&T TV and broadband services as well as bundles.

In "Cord," one guy settles down at an outdoor café with a cord that apparently extends from his apartment on the next block, ready to connect to the Internet. His buddy extols the virtues of AT&T as children use the cord to jump rope. "Fries" opens with the pals at a restaurant--one dining as the other tries to eat his fries, saying he's hungry because he has to pay so much for his services. His friend tells him about AT&T's bundled services as his hamburger disappears into his pal's mouth.



The campaign focuses on the relationship between two main characters--a loyal AT&T customer and a cable user--who spar over which has access to better TV and Internet services. In a head-to-head, face-to-face comparison, the commercials showcase the benefits of AT&T Advanced TV over cable.

Through the banter between the two main characters, the ads point out the value and features of the AT&T Advanced TV portfolio, including the ability to record four shows at once on a single DVR via AT&T U-verse TV and more HD channels than cable in nearly every market AT&T serves.

The affable duo first appeared in advertisements for the company's wireless services, formerly branded Cingular, in 2005.

"The campaign's witty nature aligns with AT&T's brand initiatives of engaging a younger, more digitally aware audience," said Valerie Vargas, vice president of AT&T Advertising, in a statement. "But, most importantly, the ads speak to the greater value and features of our offerings over those of cable. We're looking forward to confronting the so-called 'cable guys' through the faces of our own guys, who showcase all the ways that we're better."

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