Chick-fil-A Sponsors ESPN's 'Mascot Moves'

College GameDay Built by Home DepotChick-fil-A, a title sponsor of the formerly named Peach Bowl, has a deal with ESPN to take advantage of one of the most entertaining aspects of its college football coverage: an analyst donning a mascot's jumbo head.

The fast-food, chicken-sandwich specialists--located in 37 states--will sponsor "Mascot Moves," a newly branded segment on "College GameDay Built by the Home Depot," which airs weekly on ESPN on Saturday mornings.

The segment features offbeat analyst Lee Corso humorously putting on the mascot head of a team he predicts will win later that day. Chick-fil-A gets on-set exposure as part of its deal. Just before Corso makes his pick, individuals dressed in uniforms with the Chick-fil-A logo will carry a crate onto the set with the mascot head Corso is about to don.



That comes along with a camera shot of a Chick-fil-A-sponsored "fan interaction zone" set up on the campus/site where "GameDay" takes place each Saturday. It's scheduled right before the Corso-picking segment. (Other hosts offer predictions as well.)

The chain will also buy TV spots in the show. ESPN is setting up a dedicated "Mascot Movers" Web site, where one person a week can win a trip to the Dec. 31 Chick-fil-A Bowl on ESPN.

That Atlanta game, first played 40 years ago, was known as the Peach Bowl until it sold its title sponsorship to the food chain. The game features a team from the SEC conference versus one from the ACC; both conferences have a slew of teams near Atlanta.

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