'60s Comeback: Banana Splits Return To TV

The Banana Splits come backEverything old is new again. The Banana Splits, a 1960s TV favorite, is back on Cartoon Network beginning Sept. 2.

The Banana Splits, remembered for goofy comedy and a catchy theme number, "The Tra La La Song," are going digital. They will be distributed cross-platform. The TV show, which will air on Cartoon Network and Boomerang, is augmented by a Web site, DVDs and music CDs.

"We take great pride in having carefully updated the look and feel of the original show for today's kids," says Jordan Sollitto, executive vice president of new business initiatives and licensing, Warner Bros. Consumer Products, "while retaining all the elements that made the Banana Splits such a hit."

The rock band Banana Splits consists of Fleegle, a dog; Drooper, a lion; Bingo, a gorilla; and Snorky, an elephant. The quad plays music and tells jokes at the Banana Pad. Debuting in 1968 as "The Banana Splits Adventure Hour," the NBC show was created by the legendary Hanna-Barbera studio.



As many as 130 two-minute comedy shorts will appear on Cartoon Network, Monday through Friday, between 9:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. The new comedy retains the same Sixties look as the original. The Banana Splits will also run on Boomerang, a cable network populated by animated oldies, including "Top Cat."

As a popular series, "Banana Splits" generated an avalanche of products and numerous albums. That same merchandise push will be evident again, with toys, games, books and apparel.

Plus, Universal Records will debut a CD and DVD featuring 13 new Banana Splits pop and rock songs and music videos. The music and music videos will be offered online and woven into the Cartoon Network shorts.

"The songs made famous by the original Banana Splits hold a special place in music history and were ahead of their time for young audiences," said Doug Morris, chairman and CEO, Universal Music Group. Warner Bros.'s Banana Splits site, www.bananasplits.com, targets kids 4-7, who can watch the shorts and listen to new songs prior to their release.

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